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What should I know about BarterCare enrollments?

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I'm An Employee

How do I use BarterCare? What can I use it for?

Information for Current and Future BarterCare Providers

Becoming a Barter Care Provider is a tool for the medical professional to help grow their practices & increase their customer base without discounting price or quality of service.

Because we are using barter as our payment currency, it gives you a competitive advantage. Through the unique BBU Barter network, you will be exposed to thousands of new potential patients & customers.

BarterCare cardholders are given a fixed allocation of funds to use towards medical costs annually. Once these funds are depleted, a BarterCare customer could potentially become a life long patient or customer.

Unlike health insurance you provide your service and are paid directly from the BarterCare cardholders account immediately when you follow the simple authorization instructions.

Medical providers that earn BarterCare dollars can now use this new found money with any participating BBU Barter member! For a list of categories check out BBU's list of goods and services.

BarterCare does not charge any upfront enrollment for medical providers to participate. Once you become a BarterCare provider you will be assigned your very own BarterCare representative who will monitor and market you to BarterCare cardholders. You pay nothing until you actually receive a BarterCare patient.

BarterCare has openings in all healthcare related areas!

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