I'm A Provider

What should I know about BarterCare enrollments?

I'm An Employer

How would my staff benefit from BarterCare?

I'm An Employee

How do I use BarterCare? What can I use it for?

What Can BarterCare Do For My Business?

Healthcare is one of the most challenging and costly expenses for businesses today. The small to medium sized business is hit the hardest with the healthcare cost burden.

BarterCare is a program that allows businesses an affordable way to reward, attract, retain and compete for quality employees.

BarterCare is a way to subsidize your current health program for both you and your staff. Because we have designed the program to work within the BBU Barter system, employers can keep costs down. BarterCare can work with existing programs or can be used as a stand alone benefit.

BarterCare can be used to subsidize a current HSA or to create a new one.

Implementation is simple. Contact your BBU Barter representative and they will walk you through the process.

For BBU Barter members who need help customizing healthcare programs or those who want to look at new programs; we have professionals available to assist you.

Please Contact us for more information.