I'm A Provider

What should I know about BarterCare enrollments?

I'm An Employer

How would my staff benefit from BarterCare?

I'm An Employee

How do I use BarterCare? What can I use it for?

BarterCare™ - An exclusive Barter health management system

Employers can now offer a unique incentive to staff and use barter dollars to cover the cost! With the BarterCare card you're now able to purchase a prepaid benefit card that allows the holder to use services such as dental, vision, hearing and others as an employee benefit.

Because of its unique design, employers may subsidize employee's medical expenses in a manner that is potentially a tax deductible event!

BarterCard holders have private accounts which can be accessed via the BarterCare website. That will show the current balances, health care purchased and providers available under the program.

Once the card holder reaches their allocated limit, the card is no longer usable until additional funds are added by the employer.
  Participation in this program is provided at no additional cost to the Barter Business Unlimited account holder other than the ordinary contractual transaction fees that already exist. BarterCare has been designed to help your business stay competitive and keep you and your employees healthy!

For more information on how BarterCare can help you maximize your employee benefit program. Contact BarterCare today!