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BarterCare Q&A

What is BarterCare?

BarterCare is a healthcare management system that allows businesses of all sizes to subsidize and provide health care related products and services to their families and employees using Barter Dollars/credits.

Is BarterCare Health Insurance?

No, it is not a health insurance policy. It acts as a prepaid health management process similar to an HSA and other programs.

What does offering the BarterCare program to my organization cost?

For BBU members we are offering BarterCare at no additional cost above the transaction fees of our ongoing trading program!

Are there any Tax Advantages to adding BarterCare as an employee benefit?

In many cases Employee benefits programs and HSA accounts can have tax benefits and deductibility. Every business structure is unique, however we advise you to consult with your tax advisor on your particular situation.

What medical Providers accept the BarterCare credit?

Currently we have vision, dental, podiatry, chiropractic care, walk in medical centers, holistic care, equipment and many other categories. We are adding more everyday. To have us contact a Provider or business of your choice please contact us.

Where can I use my BarterCare Credit?

At any participating BBU Member that provides a medical related product or service.

Can my employer see what I use my BarterCare account to purchase?

Your privacy is top concern at BarterCare! Each BarterCare cardholder is provided with their own individual account number and access code. This information is the cardholders exclusively. We do not share this information with employers.

What if I need a medical product or service and it's not on the BarterCare participating list?

the event you have a special request or need, please contact BarterCare. Although we cannot guarantee that we can get everything, we assure you that we will put our team of seasoned professionals to help make the opportunity available.

What happens if I do not have enough BarterCare money to cover a procedure?

BarterCare cards cannot be used for more than the balance currently on the card. To find out an up to date balance, be sure to log into your account. In the event you don’t have enough to cover the purchase, your employer may opt to add additional funds for you. You will be responsible for any not on your BarterCare card.

I am a medical Provider, how do I enroll my practice or business so I can accept BarterCare patients and customers?

Current BBU Barter medical providers can begin immediately. For Providers not registered yet in the BBU Barter system, please contact us and a representative will walk you through the Provider forms so you can get started immediately!

How Do I enroll in BarterCare?

Enrollment is simple! Contact your BBU Barter representative and they will walk you through the set up process. In addition, we work with financial advisors who will access your current healthcare program and help you choose the best options for your business!